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About us

C & I Legal Partners comprises lawyers with expertise mainly in the fields of real estate and corporate law. Though this is the main scope of our activity we aim to provide legal advice in the area of Commercial law, Family and Inheritance Law, Tax Law, Intellectual Property Law. Our firm is a company established and operating under the Bar Act. Our firm offers a quality of service and a degree of professionalism. The firm believes in a "hands-on" approach to the law backed by personal attention to detail.

Every client is unique. We strive to know our clients better and to understand their businesses, strategies, internal structures and people. With this knowledge we place our advice and work for each client in the context of its special circumstances. We have a unique view of the markets and this enables us to manage risks and develop opportunities for our clients. We collaborate across all our offices and practices to deliver our services to uniformly high standards, in a well rehearsed manner and for a competitive price. We are a profession first and a business second. We believe we will always have a strategic advantage if we focus on the highest professional standards, are conscious of the tensions between professionalism and the world of commerce and are clear where our priorities lie.

We aim to create a challenging environment in which all our people can excel. Our success rests on harnessing the potential and ambition of our people to our collective goals. We recognize our people for their skills, experience and potential and believe in recruiting and retaining the best talent from the widest pool to meet our clients' needs. Diversity enables us to understand and respond better to our clients, and therefore makes good business sense.

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