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Our Service

Our objective is to define and attain the objectives of the clients we work for. We shall achieve the best results if you provide us with all the available information when you give us the assignment. Please keep us informed in due course of all changes in your intentions or in the circumstances of the case you have assigned to us.

Our Role
The partners in C & I Legal Partners play an active role in the fulfillment of the assignment. The lawyers assigned with your case will keep you informed and coordinate the work of the other lawyers and assistants involved in the case. We make all efforts to keep our clients informed as much as possible of the development of their cases. Please let us know if you need further information on your case.  

All cases assigned to a lawyer from the Firm will be deemed to have been assigned to the Firm. It will be the Firm to do the work and all costs and legal fees are payable to the accounts of the Firm. An assignment is given when you approach us for advice, opinion or specific action even without giving it in writing.
The Firm reserves its right not to accept a specific assignment, although it may have been given in writing. The client will be duly informed in such cases.

Problems or Complaints
Please let us know if you are dissatisfied with something in our work. You are kindly advised to approach the lawyer who is working on your specific case and will resolve the problem together with you. You are free to approach any of the partners as well.

We keep all the information related to your case strictly confidential.
Pursuant to the Bar Act, all papers of attorneys-at-law, dossiers, the correspondence with clients, electronic documents, computer equipment and other information carriers are inviolable and may not be subject to review, copying, inspection or seizure.
The opinion we give to you and the documents prepared are for your use alone and may not be copied or used by third parties without our consent given in writing.

After the case is over, we shall return your documents and papers at your request. The Firm keeps the files at least for five years. You may opt for longer keeping of copies of documents under your cases and files.

Client Account
All the money received in your name other than our fees will be kept in our client account. These funds will be spent strictly in accordance with your instructions and for the payment of charges and costs due. We shall provide a report, at your request, on the available balance and the movement of funds. The amounts which have not been used will be refunded to you after the assignment is completed and the related fees and costs have been paid.

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